Sunday, September 11, 2011

Eggs for Breakfast

I like my weekday breakfasts to be quick. Particularly with teaching starting up again, I'm remembering how I don't like getting up any earlier than I have to. And unfortunately, making an involved breakfast takes more time than I'm willing.

You've already seen a few of my favorite breakfasts:  a slice of homemade bread with an egg in the middle, a rosemary apricot breakfast bar, delicious Nutella scones, this Spanish tortilla, and lots and lots of homemade bagels. Perhaps they are not all the healthiest options, but they all make me happy. 

Today I wanted to share with you two more of my favorite breakfasts. These are not everyday breakfasts, although they don't take too long to prepare. They are, however, very, very hearty. These are the breakfasts you eat when you aren't sure when you'll have your next meal. They will fill you up happily. You may not even be able to finish them. Of course, you could always cut the size in half if you wanted

The first is a hard-boiled egg sandwich. It couldn't be simpler. Start with the most delightful bagels you can find. I go for whole wheat everything bagels. For each bagel, hard boil two eggs and peel them. Toast a bagel, and drizzle a little olive oil on both sides of the bagel. Slice the two hard-boiled eggs thinly and arrange each egg on one side of the bagel. Top with za'atar spice, if you have it. Or, if your spice cabinet is severely lacking, as mine is, you could just top the eggs with salt and pepper. Place the top of the bagel on, slice in half and enjoy!

The second is an egg bowl. Toast two slices of bread or a roll cut in half, and tear the bread up, distributing it around the bottom of a bowl. Top with some cooked vegetables (here I used sauteed tomatoes and shallots, but I also like garlic scapes). Fry up two eggs so the insides are still soft, and place them on top of your bread/vegetable bowl. Break the yolks so they cover the bread. Scoop your spoon in and enjoy.

Quick. Simple. Totally satisfying. More than enough protein to last you until lunch. 


  1. And really, as you said, breakfast, above all other meals, should make you happy! It's what sets the whole tone for the day. Looks like you have a many great options. I like savory much more than sweet at breakfast...boiled eggs always an option for me!

  2. I love how full of protein these are! I could see these being great for brunch on a weekend morning when you know you probably won't be eating anything again until dinner!

  3. Great breakfast ideas (: But I'm so lazy in the mornings that I barely wake up early enough to pour some milk into a bowl of cereal.