Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Plans

Yes, I will travel this summer. Yes, I will see friends, visit museums, and eat out regularly. Yes, I will read for pleasure.

But, I will also spend time in the kitchen. Yes, my kitchen that lacks air-conditioning and seems to trap all forms of heat. I am thankful for friends nearby who will let me bring my finished treats to their air-conditioned homes to enjoy.

Here are a few of the dishes I'm planning on attempting this summer, in no particular order. 
  1. Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding 
  2. Cook's Illustrated's Thin-Crust Pizza
  3. Ricotta Gnocchi
  4. Some kind of homemade cheese (probably ricotta) 
  5. At least the first five breads in The Bread Baker's Apprentice: Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread (1: Anadama, 2: Greek Celebration Bread3: Bagels
  6. The July and August Daring Baker challenge dishes
  7. A tasty potato salad, without mayonnaise 
  8. Homemade marshmallows and graham crackers
  9. A really good veggie burger 
  10. Three things that can be canned and saved for winter 
  11. A rhubarb bridge (a delicious cocktail I had recently) 
  12. Cinnamon rolls that are ready in time for brunch 
  13. Mint ice cream
  14. All the Baked Exploration challenge dishes (Blackberry Pie, Roasted Peach Pie, Mom's Olive Oil Orange Bundt Cake, Grasshopper Bars
  15. An arepa stuffed with plantains, black beans and cheese (inspired by Caracas) 
  16. Fish tacos 
  17. Pasta primavera from the most recent Cook's Illustrated (think risotto but with pasta and delicious veggies) 
  18. A special dessert for my dear friend Christy's bridal shower
  19. Several delicious dishes with herbs from my new herb garden!
  20. French macaroons that taste AND look like the real thing 
  21. Chocolate croissants that are as good as the ones I remember from college
What are you planning on cooking this summer? 


  1. Wow! That's a great list. Now you've got me thinking ... definitely I'll make up a few small batches of jams as the fruits come into season. And compound butter is on my list (not hard but I've never done it, so I'm going to raid my herb garden). Oh ... and homemade puff pastry (and maybe phyllo, too! :)

  2. "A few dishes..." That's a long list! Love number 8: homemade marshmallows and graham crackers --> S'mores? (:

  3. Jennifer--Compound butter is a great addition! I've never made that!

    Kyleen--I'm definitely planning on s'mores! Now I just need to plan the camping trip!

  4. Ugh- a kitchen without A/C? You are a brave woman! Great looking list- can't wait to read the posts to come of all that deliciousness!

  5. I came to see your blackberry pie but got caught up in your list. It is impressive and I hope you share your results.

    What I wanted to comment on is you new herb garden. I started one, last year, and it changed my life. Fresh herbs are better than dried. It is a wonderful feeling to use your own herbs. Empowerment.

    Good luck with all of these.

  6. Bizzy, It feels so nice to be able to reach over and pinch some fresh herbs when I need them for recipes. It makes me feel so much less dependent on the grocery store. I'll definitely post pie pictures as soon as I get them from a friend (I left my camera at home).

  7. You have got some AWESOME foodie goals! I've had Peter Reinhardt's book sitting here for FOREVER and haven't made a single thing from it. BAD. Need to get on that!

  8. Thank you Joanne! I would recommend opening up that Peter Reinhardt book. It's amazing the bread you can produce with just a few simple ingredients!

  9. I love homemade cheese (paneer)!! Make it all the time for just the cost of a 2litre bottle of fullcream milk!! yummo! Boil milk (I add a dash of cream too for extra flavour hehe), turn off heat, add 1/4 cup lime/lemon juice, stir, strain through muslin cloth, (reserve whey for bread, soups etc), twist muslin cloth, compressing cheese and strain to the consistency you'd like, add a good pinch of salt and massage through, then wrap back up in muslin, shape and compress with a heavy weight. yummo!! Great with curries. LOVE it! :)

  10. Ooh! Paneer is so a good idea, Jodi! I've been eyeing this pea soup that has little chunks of paneer in it. I think that might have to be the cheese I try!