Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Christmas (Cookie) Time

I'm a cheesy person in general. I crack the jokes that make me laugh out loud while others just roll their eyes. So you'll have to forgive me this month, but Christmas just brings the cheesiness out of me. I want to sing and dance and drink hot cocoa with a peppermint stick while looking at pretty Christmas trees.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Trees are popping up in windows all down my block. Christmas party invites are arriving. I'm thinking about what delicious treat I'll make to share with my coworkers this year. 

And I'm thinking about all my favorite Christmas cookie recipes I want to share with you. 

Twelve to be exact. 

Starting December 1st, check back each day for a new Christmas cookie recipe. We'll go through all my favorites below and a few more treats. 

I'm already hungry. 


  1. So fun, Katie...I can't wait! (And I'm with the cheesy jokes!)

  2. What a tasty looking plate! I've been thinking about Christmas cookies for awhile now as well. There will still be the tried and true favorites, but I'm going to try a few new things this year too. Can't wait to see your recipes!

  3. Those tried and true recipes are always my favorites, but I like the idea of adding one or two new ones. I'll be searching around on all the blogs for something delicious (and maybe chocolate filled--chocolate always seems to be lacking!).

  4. Oh, I could never choose the one I wanted from that plate as several look good and people probably frown if you take more than one, right? My son and husband would eat the whole tray as cookies are their favorite things.